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Sewa mainan anak dan bayi

Sewa Mainan Anak dan Bayi Jakarta dan Tanggerang

Halo semua welcome to Apple Tree Toys Rental. Silahkan melihat lihat produk kami di halaman PRODUK untuk koleksi lengkap sewa mainan kami. Kami akan terus menambah koleksi mainan kami di web ini.

Selamat memilih permainan!

Toot Toot Electric Train

All aboard this ride-on train set complete with 16 pieces of track and steam train sounds!
Item: Train and track set only
Steam train sound effects
Forward and reverse speed
Hand lever control
6V rechargeable battery and charger
Train moves on track only
Detachable carriage
Maximum weight allows 15kg

Harga Sewa
2 minggu Rp. 140.000
4 minggu Rp.  210.000
Party Rp. 100.000

Minggu, 22 April 2012

ELC Wooden Trike & Trailer

This sturdy and stable wooden trike has its own detachable trailer. Your child can enjoy pushing themselves along indoors or outside.

They can load up the trailer with favourite teddies or top toys before they set off across the room.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 50.000
1 bulan Rp. 85.000

Boikido Percussion Table

Musical toys are always fascinating to kids. This colorful, attractive and easy to assemble multi-musical instrument table will keep children busy for hours. It helps kids develop rhythm and melody. Drum, Xylophone, mini Cymbal, and 2 drum sticks are included. Tested to meet European and U.S. safety standards. Recommended for ages 18 months and up

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 45.000
1 bulan Rp. 85.000

Disney Crawl Tunnel Hut

•Bright and cheerful tunnel provides 5 feet of crawl through space

•Lightweight and portable

•Take anywhere you go

•Allows children to “flex” their imagination

Harga Sewa:
1 bulan: Rp. 50.000

ELC Funky Footprints

  • Silly steps for practising jumping, counting and balancing
  • Follow the footprints to hear lots of silly sounds and see flashing lights
  • Count along the numbered steps
Harga Sewa:
1 bulan Rp. 65.000

ELC Buggy Driver

ELC Buggy Driver Tersedia

Early Learning Centre Lights & Sound Buggy Driver Dashboard with wheel, gears, indicators, horn and lots of cause and effect lights and sounds to explore! Recommended Ages: 3 months - 2 years

Harga Sewa:
1 bulan Rp. 60.000

Fisher Price Big Discoveries Table

A fun activity table for baby to explore and build upon! Table comes with 4 specially shaped snap-lock beads. Baby can shape sort, link beads together, and even build on the nubs along the edge of the table. Also comes with 4 stacking rings–each makes its own sound for baby to discover. Rings can be “coin slotted” to tumble into the ring catcher below. Each time baby coin slots a ring, he is rewarded with a fun sound! The table features noise making clickers, a peek-a-book flip page, and a colorful rolling drum. With 7 activities in all, baby can discover all the ways to play with this open ended table!
This activity-filled table offers plenty to do, with open-ended play all around. Chunky parts are moveable, stackable, “rollable” and captivating with their bright colors and shapes. While your baby is busy having fun, you’ll be amazed at all the new skills that he’ll develop. Baby will love making big discoveries, all while improving motor skills, developing eye-hand coordination, and learning to recognize colors, shapes and sizes.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 50.000
1 bulan Rp. 85.000

Brightstarts Tropical Around We Go

Sewa Bright Starts Around We Go Activity Center Tersedia

Named one of Dr. Toy's Top 10 Toys of 2005, Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station is the only product of its kind designed to grow with baby through the toddler years. The Bright Starts Activity Station includes an abundance of toys and activities, and easily converts to a stand-alone activity table for toddler play. Baby can safely explore in the 360-degree rotating seat - with full access to the action/reaction station, dishwasher-safe snack tray, pat mat with "swimming" fish and musical piano with lights and sounds.
Bright Starts Tropical Fun Around We Go Activity Station:
  • Easily converts to stand-alone activity table
  • Activity station with bead chaser, popping characters and fish spinner with sliding whale
  • Snack tray: easily removable and dishwasher-safe, cup holder fits sippy cups and juice boxes
  • Pat mat: push the buttons to make fish swim
  • Musical piano with lights and sounds: flip book activates 4 modes of fun - piano, color recognition, animal recognition and music
  • Five musical styles include jazz, hip-hop, classical, Latin and calypso
  • Baby can safely explore and walk 360-degrees around table to access all toys
  • Baby must be able to sit upright unassisted
  • Seat locks in place for stationary play at snack tray and musical piano
  • Seat pad is machine washable
  • Seat weight limit for the Bright Starts Activity Station: 25 pounds
  • Seat not intended for children who can walk unassisted
  • Once baby learns to walk, seat easily removes for toddler fun
  • Appropriate for ages 4 months to walking 
Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp.100.000
1 bulan Rp. 180.000

Tersedia juga model doodle bugs

Fisher Price Bounce & Spin Pony

Sewa Fisher Price Bounce Spin Pony Tersedia

 This fun and lively zebra riding toy gets baby moving when he bounces and spins. Five energetic songs play, and five different sound effects encourage little ones to keep bouncing. This lively zebra enhances motor skills as the child learns coordination, balance and how to climb on and off. Sure to become every youngster's favourite toy, this zebra plays five uplifting songs play as your child plays while the child can bounce and turn 360 degrees. Fun sounds reward movement and strengthen auditory skills. The Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Zebra also has an activity handlebar with a rolling ball to encourage eye-hand coordination.
Fun for the Little One
The wide, sturdy base of the Bounce and Spin Zebra provides stability and support, even with hard bouncing and spinning. And to prevent falls, the zebra locks until the child is sitting properly in the seat. It also has an off-soft-loud switch that little fingers can't turn. Orange, easy-grip handlebars allow the toddler to hold tight as they take their wild ride. For even more fun, a clear roller ball in the handlebar spins in the centre with lights and music, perfect for when baby just wants to sit. This toy is relatively low to the ground, so that most children can climb on and off by themselves.
More than simply a rocking horse, this lively zebra really encourages physical development. It has won a number of awards all around the world for value and fun for baby. Parents get a lot of use out of this toy, as children can play with it until they are about three years old. The zany zebra won't tilt under pressure and it has an irresistibly cute appearance that kids love.
The Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Zebra is available in two styles, classic black and white with a green base, and adorable pink and white with a pink base.
Putting together the Zebra is easy, but be aware that the carton contains small parts for adult use only. This product requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included) and is suitable for ages 12-36 months.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 70.000
1 bulan Rp. 125.000

Leap Frog Musical Table

The Learn & Groove Bilingual Musical Table is a multi-sensory play and learning experience, which engages and entertains babies with songs, sparkling lights, sounds and lots to spin, slide, push, pull, open and close.


Learning Mode
Babies and toddlers will feel like maestros, as each tap or push sounds out letters, numbers from 1 to 10, colours and opposites, in either English or French.
Music Mode
Baby can move and groove to more than 40 songs and melodies, including nursery rhymes, real instrument sounds and upbeat dance tunes.
You can choose between learning the different activities in either English or French at the flick of a switch, this will also help your child at pre-school age to introduce them to another language.
Babies can begin learning and exploring on the floor and then graduate to standing play. The detachable legs allow for easy travel and storage.


  • 2008 Mother & Baby Gold Award, Best Baby Toy
  • 2007 Mother & Baby Gold Award, Best Baby Toy
Harga Sewa:
2 minggu: Rp. 50.000
1 bulan: Rp. 90.000

Bebepod Seat

The new Prince Lionheart Bebepod is approved by Paediatricians and is an essential tool for babies learning to sit. Your baby's own body weight helps ensure a comfortable and safe seating postion. The New Bebepod now comes with safety straps to harness your child into the seat. The soft squidy feel of the Bebepod is durable, non toxic and easy to keep clean. The pommel helps keep baby snuggly in place, and is also removable so that a playtray can be added (available separately) Suitable from 3 to 12 months of age.

 The Ultimate in infant positioning and support! An essential tool for babies learning to sit. Baby's own body weight helps ensure a safe and comfortable seating position. Lightweight, durable, non-toxic and easy to wipe clean.

Harga Sewa:
1 bulan Rp. 70.000
3 bulan Rp. 190.000

Bumbo Baby Sitter

Sewa Bumbo Seat Tersedia

What is Bumbo? The Bumbo Baby Sitter is uniquely designed as a seat that allows babies to independently in an upright sitting position. Suitable from as young as 4 months up to an age of approximately 14 months depending on the individual development of the child. The Bumbo Baby Sitter is versatile and can be used safely and conveniently anywhere on any level surface, and is the extra set of hands you have always been looking for! Bumbo is manufactured to the highest safety standards from low-density foam material, which makes it lightweight and portable. It is soft and comfortable for the baby, safe, hygienic and non-toxic. The integral outer skin of the material is durable and easy to clean.  Benefits of Bumbo The seat does not require any uncomfortable straps or fasteners. It is designed that the baby's own body gently keeps baby in place, and allows maximum interaction and enjoyable communication with your child. Depending upon the individual development of the child, some babies will be able to climb out of the Bumbo, so never leave your child unattended.

Available warna: lilac, lime green, yellow dan turquoise

Harga Sewa:
4 minggu Rp. 85.000
12 minggu Rp. 240.000

Dengan Tray +Rp. 20.000/4 minggu

Fisher Price Rainforrest Jumperoo

Sewa Fisher Price Jumperoo Tersedia

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is the best jumperoo yet and provides loads more fun and activity for baby, both up above and down below. A 360 degree seat rotation means baby can get to every one of the toys, like the floppy bat-at dragonfly on one side or the spinning lizard rattle on another. Baby's jumping is rewarded with lights, sound and music. The new base design means the rainforest jumperoo is now more compact and takes up less floor space and allows for more compact folding up for storing away. It comes with 2 leaves with hanging soft toys for up above stimulation. These leaves/toys can be interchanged between the slots at the top of the 3 legs and can be pushed down so that they're close to baby. The height is adjustable while the seat pad is removable for cleaning. There is a high back seat for additional support.
The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is suitable from when baby can hold his/her head up confidently to a maximum weight of 25 Lbs (11 Kg).

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 90.000
1 bulan Rp. 145.000

Fisher Price Walker to Wagon

Sewa Fisher Price Baby Walker Tersedia

This wonderful Baby Walker from Fisher-Price will encourage them on their journey to those first precious steps. The fantastic action-packed 2-in-1 walker is also a fun, activity outlet for baby to play with spinning toys and sort colourful shapes!2 toys in 1 - a walker and a wagon!Walker has shape sorting door, 3 block shapes, spinning ball plus other activities. Clicking wheel encourages baby to get walking. Toy converts to a wagon. Suitable for ages 9 months and over.

Harga Sewa:
1 bulan Rp. 65.000
3 bulan Rp. 180.000

Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby

Sewa Bright Starts Bounce Baby Activity Center Tersedia

The award winning Bounce Bounce Baby is fully loaded with toys, lights and melodies. This compact activity zone has all the features necessary to keep baby entertained! The bounce pad allows baby to bounce and dance, and the seat rotates 360° for full access to the removable toysHelps improve motor skills, physical development, hand to eye co-ordination, visual development, sound awareness, and creativity. Weight 9.5kg. Won 'Parents Choice' Award 2010. Features: Suitable for ages 4 months and over

Harga Sewa:
2 bulan Rp. 60.000
1 bulan Rp. 120.000

Boat & Paddle Seesaw

Run your child's imagination, set sail in this boat seesaw for 2. Includes two wooden paddles

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 75.000
1 bulan Rp. 120.000

Ching Ching Lady Bug Swing

Sewa Ayunan Ching Ching Anak Tersedia

Ayunan dari bahan plastik yang aman untuk buah hati. Safety belt sudah termasuk dalam set. Suitable untuk anak 1-4 tahun.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 90.000
1 bulan Rp. 140.000

Little Tikes Sand Box

Sewa Little Tikes Sand Pit Box Tersedia

Just lift off the shell lid for play and close to protect the sand from the elements. It's easy to store toys at the end of the day on the sand before closing it up. The Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox holds up to 150 pounds of sand.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 110.000
1 bulan Rp. 180.000

Little Tikes Sports Coupe

Kid powered car. New features include removable floor and handle on back for parent controlled push rides. Designed with a high seat back and storage in the rear. Includes special features like an "ignition switch" and an open-and-close gas cap. Rolls on rugged, durable tires and front wheels spin 360 degrees.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 80.000
1 bulan Rp. 130.000

Step 2 Townhouse Climber

Townhouse Climber features a secret playhouse with door, crawl-thru portals and peek-a-boo windows. Gently sloped steps with sure grip handrails lead to deck.

Size : 109 (H) x 203 (L) x 84 (W) cm

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu: Rp. 170.000
1 bulan Rp. 320.000

Roller Coaster Ride

Let your child experience the up-and-down thrills of a roller coaster in the safety of your living room or driveway with the Down Roller Coaster. The colorful snap-together track reaches 10 feet long and comes with two sets of non-slip steps that lock onto the track for added safety. The coaster car features a high back, handrail and foot rests for a secure ride. Measures approximately 123"L x 30.5"W x 14.75"H. Comes with track and coaster car. Adult supervision recommended.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 110.000
1 bulan Rp. 190.000

Step 2 Push Around Buggy

When it's time to go outside for a bit of fresh air and exercise, the Push Around Buggy from Step2 is ready to roll. Just slip baby in the generous molded seat, hook up the seat belt, grab the handle, and go! While you actually steer, baby can pretend to drive (and can even start the fun with a nifty ignition key). When there's an obstacle in the way or a friend passing by, baby can honk the horn. The buggy rolls smoothly and surely on four oversize poly wheels. A small trunk in the front can hold a few travel items. Both durable and fun, this sweet red and blue Push Around Buggy is a winner. The extra-long handle is removable and can be stored underneath the buggy

Harga Sewa
2 Minggu: Rp. 80.000
1 Bulan Rp. 140.000

Little Tikes Playhouse

Large play cottage with classic country styling. Detailed interior features pretend sink with swivel faucet, stovetop with clicking knobs and push-button play phone. Full height door and 4 windows with shutters that open and close easily.

Harga Rental:
2 Minggu Rp. 200.000
1 Bulan Rp. 320.000

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