Minggu, 22 April 2012

Fisher Price Big Discoveries Table

A fun activity table for baby to explore and build upon! Table comes with 4 specially shaped snap-lock beads. Baby can shape sort, link beads together, and even build on the nubs along the edge of the table. Also comes with 4 stacking rings–each makes its own sound for baby to discover. Rings can be “coin slotted” to tumble into the ring catcher below. Each time baby coin slots a ring, he is rewarded with a fun sound! The table features noise making clickers, a peek-a-book flip page, and a colorful rolling drum. With 7 activities in all, baby can discover all the ways to play with this open ended table!
This activity-filled table offers plenty to do, with open-ended play all around. Chunky parts are moveable, stackable, “rollable” and captivating with their bright colors and shapes. While your baby is busy having fun, you’ll be amazed at all the new skills that he’ll develop. Baby will love making big discoveries, all while improving motor skills, developing eye-hand coordination, and learning to recognize colors, shapes and sizes.

Harga Sewa:
2 minggu Rp. 50.000
1 bulan Rp. 85.000


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