Selasa, 09 Juli 2013

Sewa Playground Jakarta

Step 2 Bridge and Tunnel Clubhouse

Put an entire playground right in your own yard. This off-the-ground playhouse has every play feature that your active child could wish for. Climb, slide, play hide and seek, or get behind a stationary steering wheel for hours of imaginative pretend play. The playhouse features a skylight, drop-leaf table, two stools, message board, clock with moveable hands and an electronic phone. For your little climber, there's hand and foot holes and sure-grip hand rails on the ladder for extra safety. There's even a hide-out area underneath the playhouse, plus a crawl-through tunnel with a porthole. The bridge connects to a look-out tower with a rotating steering wheel, pretend telescope and climbing ladder. Measures approximately 123" x 56.75" x 70"

Playground set komplit untuk di halaman/pesta anda. Ada panjatan, prosotan, rumah2an, terowongan dan jembatan, steering wheel, telescope pretend. Ukuran 300x141cmx175cm

Harga Sewa 4 minggu Rp. 1.250.000



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